Marc Baroud


Intuition and empathy, collaboration and process form the core of my work.

I design as I create an infinite and diverse network of ideas as well as human relations and concepts.

This open ethos grows onwards and finds natural connections across EDUCATION, SPACES, PRODUCTS, COLLECTIBLE and EXPERIMENTAL for today and tomorrow.

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Spaces  >  The Happy Prince

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Product  >  Cluster Lights

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Product  > is the first outcome of Dot to Dots. It’s a new design system to go direct-to-consumer which produces state-of-the-art objects and furniture. This project leverages both digital manufacturing and local craftsmanship in order to offer an extensible product line with limited collections and made-to-order pieces. The first collection is launched on its e-shop and at design exhibition spaces such as Atelier Jespers (Brussels). Production is growing in Italy, Lebanon, Portugal and Belgium with a local sourcing objective.

"We look at human and material connections and possibilities across habits and practices through the spectrum of the slow movement. Circular economy is also key to this concept."

Product  >  Jewelry

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Product  >  Leeks

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Product  >  Mobile

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Product  >  Mourkanass

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Product  >  Relics

Relics is a series of brass casts objects reflecting an unintentional action of customizing like pen chewing.

“This uncommon take on quintessential industrial goods focuses on revealing childhood memories which common objects can sometimes carry.”

Product  >  Spoutnik

Spoutnik is a lighting object designed in limited edition and comprising of a steel structured based and LED powered globe in resin which light changes through manual rotation.

"Russians used to identify fellow travelers with the word sputnik. It also refers a series of Soviet earth-orbiting satellites. The globe of this object, the first of this kind launched in 1957, is therefore a direct reference to the moon (the earth’s only natural satellite)."

Product  >  Vault

Vault is a hand-sculpted smartphone box with rough resin finishing. When the chest is closed, it wirelessly charges the phone while shutting it down from its user. When left open it magnifies the phone, its content and notifications, and can also be used as a bedside lamp.

"This meant to remind us of the complex relationship with have with our phones. The object has transformed from simple functional device into a kind of magical stone on which we engrave our thoughts and images. It has become one of our most precious belongings as well as mirror of ourselves so we are feeling naked when we are disconnected from it."

Collectible  >  Flesh Toys

Flesh Toys is a sensual interpretation of sex toy archetypes. These skewers handmade in copper with a rough finish of gold or chrome plating are produced in a limited edition (50x12 pieces), commissioned by House of Today and available on WallpaperSTORE.

"I always had a repulsion for touching food with my fingers. I confess of being anxious to catapult meat chops while trying to slide off a skewer with cutlery and having little crumbs stuck in my beard. I had to overcome this perception and transform it into an experience."

Collectible  >  I/0

I/0 is a collectible line of products which takes the traditional and oriental architectural of the mashrabiya into new dimensions and pushes forward its limits by multiplying the two basic shapes of this seemingly binary pattern with various materials, colors and textures.

"Variations of this system are assemble with this module, resulting in a range of multi-purpose objects with new semantic values. The end results expose the back-end code and the front-end interfaces that developers and users usually manipulate on computer programs, revealing explicitly the connections between the process and the final product."

Collectible  >  Leatherscapes

Leatherscapes is a system of one-off and less waste furniture in which leather is at its core.

"Each piece is shaped from a specific sheet of leather, folded in order to create a functional object based on its original size and dimension. Allowing the material to guide the process ensures that nothing is wasted in order to adhere to the design. These objects adapt to the material itself, creating an array of different shapes based on the dimension of the selected piece of leather. Each of the resulting products is fitted with an appendage that enhances its utility by adding new functions such as lighting."

Collectible  >  Tessera

Tessera is a handcrafted collection of collectible pieces of furniture assemble with leather-bound walnut units of 4cm3, building on the notions of rigidity, flexibility and modularity.

"The word tessera refers to individual tiles in Latin. It is number 4 in Greek. This collection therefore question its nature and makes it more defined, detailed and fragile but at the same time progressively more three-dimensional."

Collectible  >  Wires

Wires is a series of furniture and objects conceived in collaboration with Marc Dibeh and based on simple steel threads shaped into triangles, rectangles and other geometric forms.

"Basic objects have infinite usages. They can create new functions and fit in difficult spaces when split or bent. This concept challenge craftsmanship by bisecting steel rods, hand plowing sand molds, polishing sand-cast aluminum and scraping powder coatings.".

Experimental  >  Centrale

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Marc Baroud is multidisciplinary designer born in 1978 in Beirut (Lebanon).
He lives and works in Paris and Beirut.

A graduate in interior architecture and furniture design from Académie libanaise des beaux-arts, and product design from École nationale supérieure des arts appliqués et des métiers d'art, he has been teaching product design at the school since 2004 and directing its design department from 2012 to 2017. His objective upon founding this section was to reform design education, to share design as a broader discipline than it is generally perceived (one limited to creating aesthetics and artefacts).

He founded the brand development firm MÛdesign Global in 2004. In 2008, he extended his activities in architecture by co-founding Rabih Geha Marc Baroud-architecture design (RGMB-ad), a commercial, residential architecture and interior design agency. 2019 is the year when he establishes Dot to Dots, a new slow design concept which embodies his interests in anthropology, technology, science and the infinites possibilities of everyday life.

Bridging between two cities and cultures, his practice spans over various sectors (corporate, housing, event, product, retail) and offers relevant services for clients from start-ups to worldwide corporations (architecture, brand development, industrial design, interior design, scenography). He also develops ambitious creative projects and services with his own studio and network alongside with his brainchild SPE conseil développement edition which is also operating in these fields.

Challenging typologies with an experimental approach, he integrates the process of design into modular projects which are seemingly unrelated to it in order to reach a stand-alone outcome. His method defines the transition of design from the state of the idea to object, on the contrary of the from form follows function formula. Design is therefore not limited by aesthetics and can embrace new possibilities, drawing on the exciting and unique artisanal heritage of the region of Lebanon and the multiplicity of its influences, a step aside from cultural standards.

Developing industrial and collectible design based on human connections and research, he collaborates with artisans, designers or brands whose are broadening their experience such as the Formidable Microfactory, producer of the Generics custom-made earphones. Design galleries like Carwan and Joy Mardini (Beirut, Lebanon) and international shows, design and art fairs continuously improve his recognition in Europe, the Middle East and the United States.



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Art Factum Gallery (Beirut, Lebanon)
Atelier Jespers (Brussels, Belgium)
Beirut Art Center (Lebanon)
Carwan Gallery
(Beirut, Lebanon)
Design Days Dubai
Design Miami/Basel
(USA and Switzerland)
House of Today
(Beirut, Lebanon)
Joy Mardini Design Gallery (Beirut, Lebanon)
London Design Festival
(United Kingdom)
Miart (Milan, Italy)

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