Marc Baroud


Intuition, empathy, collaboration and process, I design under the constellations of these words and the attitudes they imply.

Design for me is connecting dots, creating infinite and diverse relation among the multiple aspects of my activity.

I navigate across fields, from EDUCATION, through architecture & SPACES to PRODUCT design, and then through cross sections of each: venturing for instance into COLLECTIBLE and EXPERIMENTAL design or LIGHT emitting artifacts.

This navigation process extends beyond production and exhibition, finding a natural continuation in the stories carried through it, and projected to others.

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Collectible  >  Flesh Toys

I always had repulsion for touching food with my bare fingers, I confess of being anxious to catapult meat chops on my table neighbors while trying to slide them off a skewer with a fork; of my phobia of having little crumbs stuck in my beard if I try to bite off that skewer. I had to overcome this perception and transform it into a sensual experience. FLESH TOYS are a subtle shape interpretation of 6 sex toy archetypes.

Flesh Toys are hand made copper skewers with a rough finish of gold or chrome plating.

Flesh Toys materials and techniques:
Copper alloy casting in silicon moulds Welding Nickel plating Gold or chrome plating Brushing

Flesh Toys dimensions:
H = 350mm ø = 3.5 to 12mm
12 Flesh Toys per pouch

Pouch materials:
Felt with cardboard and PU foam padding

Pouch dimensions:
H = 390mm W = 190mm T = 20mm
Limited Edition of 50 Pieces
25 x 12 Gold plated Flesh toys 25 x 12 Chrome plated Flesh Toys 

Collectible  >  I/0

The 1:0 line of products explores the depth and extent of a seemingly simple binary pattern.
Based on Mashrabiya elements - the traditional oriental element of architecture - Marc creates an array of objects meant to give the classical pattern a new dimension.
Baroud starts by multiplying the two basic shapes that constitute the Mashrabiya in different materials, colors and textures. Then, from the individual modules he assembles several possible variations of the binary system. The result is constellation-like, multi-purpose shapes, bringing each a new perception and semantic value.

This line of products brings the world of computing into the physical realm by building a collection from strings of two basic modules. The end result exposes both the back-end code and the front-end interface that users manipulate. By explicitly showing the binary system and its infinite combination possibilities, the designer reveals in this collection the intimate connection between process and end product.

Collectible  >  Leatherscapes

This series of products entitled Leatherscapes places the material at the center of its conception. Each object is shaped from a specific sheet of leather, and based on its size and dimension, the sheet is folded in order to create a functional product. This ensures that no material is wasted in order to adhere to a specific design. Quite the contrary, each object is adapted to the material itself, creating an array of different shapes and proportions based on the dimension of the selected piece of leather. Each of the resulting products is then fitted with an appendage that enhances its utility, such as the addition of a function, being light or reflection. By allowing the material to guide the process of design, this collection comprises a series of objects that can never be identical and creates as a whole a complex landscape of leather products.

Collectible  >  Tessera

Tessera in Latin is the individual tile, usually formed in the shape of a cube used in creating mosaics. It is also number 4 in Greek. Tessera is a handcrafted line of products built with leather-bound walnut units of 4x4x4 cm. Tessera questions rigidity, flexibility, assemblage, pattern and modularity, increasingly more defined, detailed and fragile but at the same time progressively more three-dimensional.

Collectible  >  Wires

This series was developed in collaboration with Marc Dibeh.
Challenging minimal design, using a simple steel thread, shaped into triangle, rectangle and diamond. These basic forms, through splitting and bending operations show infinite possibilities of sewing on a space, embracing full functions, occupying a floor, a ceiling a wall or corners. Wires questions classic craftsman techniques, by bisecting steel rods, hand plowing sand moulds, polishing sand cast aluminum shapes and scraping powder coatings.

Experimental  >  Centrale

Light  >  Cluster Lights

Light  >  Cross

Light  >  Leeks

Light  >  Moukarnass

Light  >  Mobile

Light  >  Spoutnik

The word Spoutnik comes from Russian and means literally "fellow traveller". This lighting object is inspired from earth's first artificial satellite launched in 1957.
Its globe's light changes through manual rotation, and is a direct reference to earth's only natural satellite.

Steel/Powder Coating
Power LED

Product  > is the first initiative of Dot to Dots, a design-centered venture founded by Marc Baroud. designs and produces state-of-the-art objects and furniture pieces with the aim of promoting and scaling slow production. Through the slow movement, we look for connections and awareness across common practices and habits. leverages both artisanal know-how and digital manufacturing by proposing lines of products with varying, limited collections.

Product  >  Relics

Relics are brass casts of a very common product that almost each and every one of us customized unintentionally at some point of his life: the chewed pen cover and tip.
Relics series has the intension of calling to mind that valueless objects can sometimes harbor a priceless good: memories.

Product  >  Jewelry

Product  >  Vault

‘I am naked without my phone’
The smartphone is a tribune, our rostrum. This object has transformed from a simple functional device, into the stone on which we engrave our thoughts and images. Our new social commandments emerge from this pedestal that holds one’s own personal statue. It has become one of our most precious belongings, a deformed mirror of ourselves, a perpetual social mask. We are naked when we are disconnected.

Vault is about the ritual, the act of getting naked: letting go of our social mask. Meant to put into perspective both our attachment to, and detachment from our phones; Vault emphasizes the action of disconnecting from ones virtual life or magnifying it. The hand-sculpted shape has mirror finishing meant to connote the reflected image of ourselves. When the chest is closed it wirelessly recharges your phone all the while shutting down any contact with the world. If left open the Vault turns into a bedside lamp or it simply magnifies your phone notifications.
Lingering between nakedness and full attire, Vault is meant to remind us of the complex relationship we have with our phones.

Spaces  >  Epicery

Project designed as part of RGMB - Rabih Geha Marc Baroud Architecture & Design

Spaces  >  The Happy Prince

Project designed as part of RGMB - Rabih Geha Marc Baroud Architecture & Design

Spaces  >  Kissproof

Project designed as part of RGMB - Rabih Geha Marc Baroud Architecture & Design

Spaces  >  Vyvyan's

Project designed as part of RGMB - Rabih Geha Marc Baroud Architecture & Design


Marc Baroud is a designer, with work spanning over various fields. His enthusiasm for new ventures led him to experiment his approach in projects that are seemingly unrelated to design. In his method, the process is designed first, thus turning it into a stand-alone outcome as it takes a form of its own. In 2012, he founded the Design Department at Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts which he directed from 2012 to 2017. He used his same design approach to shift the vision of design education, with new curricula, envisioning design as broader discipline than how it is generally perceived; one for creating aesthetics. As a product designer, his curiosity led him to experiment and challenge various materials, techniques, objects, and scales, working on a large scope of industrial and artisanal products.
Alongside his design studio, Marc Baroud is the general manager of SPE conseil développement édition, that operates in the fields of service, product and spatial design. He is also the creative director of Formidable Microfactory, a startup developing improved performance products, under the brand Generics.
His works has been shown in Beirut, Paris, Milan, Dubai, Miami and Basel.


Design Days Dubai 01.28.14 – AD Magazine 02.05.13 – AF Madame 2015 – AïshtiArtsy 07.27.15 Yatzer 04.21.13 – Designboom 02.05.13 – Figaro 07.07.13 – Home 09.19.13 – L’Orient Le Jour 06.01.15 – Wallpaper Magazine 04.11.13 – Wohnrevue 02.01.13 – Wood Planet Corea 07.01.15 #1, #2 – Cover Magazine 06.08.13The Wall Street Journal 11.29.13 
INTERVIEWS+PUBLICATIONS: Letternoon 11.20.15 – L’Officiel Hommes 11.01.15 – Pamono 01.29.15 – Universite de BalamandDesign Days Dubai 07.15.15


Basel: Design/Miami 2015, Design/Miami 2016 – Beirut: Art Factum Gallery, Beirut Art Center, Carwan Gallery, House of Today – Dubai: Dubai Design Days 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 – MilanMiArt – Paris: Galerie BLS

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